Total Medical Discounts Healthcare

TotalMDplaN helps you find medical care at a discounted price when you need it – making services available to you at more reasonable prices than you would expect to pay without insurance. Anyone can become a member regardless of whether you are uninsured or have an existing medical insurance policy. People without insurance can subscribe to get instant discounts on Urgent Care, routine Primary Care, or any of a number services offered by TotalMDplaN  providers. People with insurance may have very large deductibles or may not have coverage for certain services such as convalescent care or cosmetic procedures.  Diagnostic procedures like annual mammography may not even be covered by some insurance policies. TotalMDplaN can help.

No referrals authorizations or denials

If you check your policy and a procedure or service is not covered, you may find yourself paying retail for that service. In some cases, the physician may not recommend or perform a desired service that is not covered by your insurance policy. With TotalMDplaN there are no referrals, authorizations or denials for any of the services listed by our providers. For a low monthly membership fee and an initial enrollment fee, you are guaranteed a discount at each of our enrolled providers. These discounts are available to you as long as you maintain your membership in good standing.